Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Point Bromance

While I'm aware there's a movie currently in the theatres, this is the one from 25 years ago.

Dudebro is in the FBI and he gets assigned to a case of dudebros in masks who rob banks. The agents work out the bad guys are surfing the waves, so dudebro goes surfing. Although surfing is associated with this movie, by halfway through the movie changes as the dudebros rob a bank and they face off against dudebro, who doesn't shoot them. Then they all pretend there was no bank robbing and go parachuting... and do this again for the end of the film. And finally the dudebro watches his dudebro go off into the sunset...

Keanu Reeves is decent enough, and Patrick Swayse... isn't really doing much. I'm more exciting by Gary Busey's performance. And Lori Petty is the token female... and this movie feels so familiar. Agent goes undercover with the bad guys to find out what they are up to... didn't we see this in 2001 with cars and lots of other movies?

I was surprised by the half-movie change up, but it just fell flat. Now I might get around to seeing the new one... or wait a similar amount of time to pass before doing so.


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