Monday, 11 January 2016

Jimmy Jim Jim

I treated myself to the Jimmy Carr show the other night. I got the third to last ticket when I got it last month, and I was up in the Gods. There was a funny talking doll on stage. (And there was a second show put on after our one, which I thought was supposed to start at 10, although we didn't leave until after that!)

Two hours of jokes, and yes, I laughed. And yes, they were edgy and risky and... downright rude and crude. But you laugh because they are wrong. Although I felt he went for the "retardo" insult a bit too often (ie more than once).

There was the typical interactivity of people heckling him, and him talking to people in the audience to get a laugh. And there was also a chance to text him comments which he started the second half with (I don't know how much he made on those texts, nor how many were prepared before hand. Certainly, there were ones from people who were at the show).

Low brow humour, yes, but I enjoyed myself and that's what matters.


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