Sunday, 31 January 2016

Lazer Team

Because this was Rooster Teeth, I backed it. And I had a ticket to the screening in Wellington, but got the date wrong...

Earth is going to be beaten up by a champion from another world, so they raise their own champion. Because of some nice aliens, some gear is sent... but the wrong people get it. A bunch of yahoos. And now they are stuck with having to become the champions, but first they have to work out how to be a team.

Which makes it sound more of a dramatic movie than this is. This is a comedy that doesn't go for the usual laughs of poop jokes and boobies (although there are a non-zero amount). It does take its time and we get some of the usual scenes you'd expect of this sort of thing, and you can see a lot of the beats coming from a mile off, but it's still nice and works well.

You'll spot a fair few Rooster Teeth familiar faces. Three of the main leads are RT employees, and others crop up in minor roles. The effects are well done, and it's clear the production team know what they are doing.

The main point is... it's funny and classic. And you can grab it.


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