Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Manbatting across the City

I started playing Arkham City a while ago, got ten minutes into it, and had to stop. Partly because I had problems immediately with the story (some times I could block, some times I couldn’t, what the?), but mainly because the graphics were out of sync between the voice and lip movement.

However, over the holidays, I had time, so dived into it. Apparently I got through the main story on the quick side? I was playing in Normal mode, and wasn't trying to, but there you go. There are a few side missions, and some times when I tried to do them, the game insisted I do the main story. Irritating, but yeah. So I did the main game, and completed it without getting all the upgrades and unlocks. Huh. I did know some of the revelations before hand, and the others weren't that surprising, but it was decent enough. The Catwoman story was rather weak. The gimmicky boss fights were gimmicky, but not as terrible as previously.

But I haven't done everything. There are still some side missions to go, and the Riddler trophies... I'm going to say that there are too many trophies to collect. I've collected many, but there are still many too go. I will dip back into it to try to get them, but I'm not enthused. I also have the Harley mission to do as well. But after that, I have no intention of doing the challenges, or even new game plus.

At this rite, but the time I get to Knight, it might be working properly... HA!


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