Wednesday, 20 January 2016

The Large Small

I've seen a few movies set around the 2008 Global Collapse. This is another one, outside the usual banking circles (but still in banking).

We follow several investors who recognise that the housing bubble is a housing bubble and set out to make money on that by betting against the bubble collapsing (which it must do). However, with institutions set up to not let themselves fall, they get deeper in desperation until finally it comes to fruition. With the collapse of the economy. These guys made money by betting people will lose theirs.

This simplifies it a lot. No mention of second derivatives here. And a few cut aways to explain some of the finer points of lingo. Nicely done, although I think there's still a movie available where the people use the lingo, which then gets explained with a simple term... and then the people start using the simple term. Still, this is decently done.

We get good performances from the actors, although I feel like there were a few too many people involved and I'm not sure if some of the scenes featured people we saw before or not.

An amusing movie, but one that will leave a bad taste in the mouth.


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