Sunday, 21 February 2016


I've heard many people talk about how this is a "fun" movie. But that's all I've heard. Is it no more than a flash in the pan movie?

Wade Wilson is a guy, who gets cancer, and undergoes a treatment to become super and deal with it. However, it sort of goes wrong? (In that aside from appearance, he hasn't really got any downside.) So Wade goes crazy and wants to track down the person who did this to him. And... that's about it. It really is a basic plot, a simple origin story you could see anywhere. But the entire enmity is largely based on how Deadpool looks... which is so superficial it’s just painful how much the movie tries to center around this.

Oh, and there is fourth wall breaking, because this is Deadpool after all.

Okay, this is a fun movie, and... yeah, it is not going to hang around. This might be the sort of movie you throw on with friends and get drunk while watching (not that I would), but it's not going to be an in-depth analysis. Plenty of us laughed in the theatre at the right moments, but already most of it has faded and we're going to move on to something else.

So yes, people will talk about this. But they won't remember it.


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