Saturday, 20 February 2016

Friday the 11th Nightmare on 8th Street

It's the reason I starting reviewing both of these series. It's the cross-over event we've all been waiting for!

Freddy is creepily killing children (he's so lovable), but is now without food, so brings back Jason to kill people and make people think of Freddy. Which is naturally what you would do when you see someone's head lopped off. To be fair, they do set it up so that Jason's killing can be thought of as Freddy, but it's way over played to force the two franchises together. After a long and stupid spate of killings, Jason is taking away Freddy's kills, so they turn on each other, with a final confrontation at Crystal Lake. Which goes on, and on, and has them all die and come back three or four or ten times. Until it finally is the end. Honest, guv, I wouldn't lie to you. Again.

The point of Freddy is a good group of people traumatised by a killer everyone denies. The point of Jason is to... well, supposedly to kill stupid people. So what we have here is good people traumatised by Jason? That doesn't really work, and this movie doesn't. Freddy being a secret is over played, and Jason being a killer is one note, and it's like the movie has these toys but doesn't know how to use them properly.

Frankly, as cross-overs go, this is a failure.


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