Sunday, 28 February 2016

Finale Praying

It's a movie released as The Borderlands before released as something else. And has a poster that looks like it was inspired by Cabin in the Woods.

And it's found footage cameras! It's an investigation of a church, where the first part of the movie is spent in a cottage while they wait for all the members to arrive. There is actually weird events happening at the church, with some having trouble to believe, but they can't find the secular explanations. Then they uncover a hidden basement, and get in a priest to do an exorcism, which always works in these movies. And by that, I clearly mean they get eaten by the devil. Literally, I think... the ending isn't entirely clear.

This isn't terrible, but it's not good either. It takes a while to get the actual investigation under way, there is the usual lack of a real explanation for why cameras, and there's the shock ending. Which is de rigueur for these movies. Which means it doesn't do anything that different to make it stand out. This does have better production values than most, but that's more that it's cheaper to be better than this is quality.

On the whole, I can't really recommend it, but I wouldn't say you'd need to avoid it if you find it.


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