Saturday, 27 February 2016

Friday the 11th

This is technically a reboot... but actually it could be any other Jason movies, with an explanation for those that missed so far.

We start with a brief recap of the first movie, where Jason's mother is offed, and Jason takes up the machete. We cut to present day in which a bunch of people turn up around Crystal Lake area, have sex and get killed. We then repeat this again and again. End.

Now, Jason movies aren't exactly known for their plot, but they usually tie into the Jason mythology in some way. In this movie, we start with the mother starter, and this is brought up again at the end, but the rest of the movie could be any generic slasher flick you can think of. The people are stupid, and Jason kills them, and *yawn* we've been here and done better. As we skip the mother part, this could fit into the Jason timeline, and it does nothing new with the backstory, so this could be any other Jason movie. Only more boring.

Given this is made more recently, there are a lot of boobs on screen, but it doesn't make this more watchable. Frankly, just pop an older movie into the player and enjoy that instead.


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