Thursday, 18 February 2016

Lucky Man

Or rather, Stan Lee's Lucky Man. I'm thinking that name is the main reason this got made.

Detective Inspector Harry Clayton is a gambler. And a cop, but mainly a gambler with debts. Until he gets a bracelet that makes him very lucky indeed. However, at the cost of someone else's misfortune. While there is crimes going on that he has to solve, someone else is interested in the bracelet, and he tries to find out more about it. His luck is on the up, but that's not leading to happiness.

People being lucky has been done before, but usually not to this extent of grim darkness. (It isn't overwhelming grim darkness, but it isn't the light and fun of, say, Strange Luck). This is British and in the style of their usual cop dramas, with this added bonus of Stan Lee's influence (and he even gets a cameo in the opening episode).

Starring in this is James Nesbitt, which is the main reason I wanted to watch it. And, hey, I see Owen Harper is still around being a doctor with a posh accent. And there are some other familiar faces.

But on the whole... no, it's just not gripping really. They are making too much of "what is the secret of the bracelet?", spinning it out, and trying to keep up the mystery, but it's not going to be a good pay off.

I probably will watch the rest of the series, being as it is only ten episodes, but I'm not signing up for a second series (if there is one).


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