Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Crooked House - Third Storey

The epic conclusion! Which is only a conclusion because this is a three parter, and this could easily have been a stand alone story.

The main chap has an unusual doorknocker and during the morning, it knocks. However there is, of course, no-one outside, but the man finds his door now leads to a house in the past. Coincidentally, the man has a pregnant ex-partner he is not sure about, and now he's questioning his sanity as strange things happen to him. The doorknocker is the key to the matter, but not even getting rid of it stops the madness.

The conclusion does work better given the set up, but as I said, it could easily have been stand alone. It is also more set up than actual pay off, and it's not that exciting a pay off.

Overall, this series feels more like "let's get Mark Gatiss to fill in some time" more than it feels like it came from a place of desire to tell a story.


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