Sunday, 14 February 2016

Why Science is Sexist

Well, it is. Quite clearly so. And it's not original for me to say this. But I'm not the one saying it, but I am helping it being said. In particular, this is a Pledge Me campaign I backed.

The result of this campaign is a booklet by Nicola Gaston, based on work she's done, called "Why Science is Sexist". This is to be sent to a number of people in universities and the like, the number being determined by the success of the campaign. (I'm not sure what the final numbers were, but they seemed happy.)

We also got a copy of this, and I've read it. It covers the basic issues, with lots of personal anecdotes. Which aren't science, but they are used to illustrate the actual science also talked about in this. These studies are not things we haven't heard of, for example if a CV is submitted under a male and female name, the male named one does better. In nearly all areas, moreso than just science.

Hopefully we are changing and getting better, and being aware of this is an important part of that. And this helps with that, so hopefully we can make a difference.


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