Monday, 15 February 2016

Crooked House - First Storey

For reasons that will become clear later, I've been watching a mini series, The Crooked House, by Mark Gatiss.

This is a three parter, with each part being a ghost story in itself, all centered around Keep House. The first one, set back in medieval times, has an owner who is getting renovations done to his house. But the wainscoting is proving rather problematic, and he hears noises coming from it. But is there anything there? Or will it take over his mind to destruction?

This is a rather basic story. Each episode is only 30 minutes, and we need to get Keep House itself set up as well as get a ghost story in. This one is the simple "there's something in the walls", and despite a little bit of padding, it still feels rushed and just skipping to the important beats we expect.

A rather straight forward start, with hopefully better to come from Gatiss.


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