Monday, 21 March 2016

Closer to Frankenstein

Another movie with completely different titles, never a good sign.

Victor creates a human clone, which people don't like and rail against him because it is against god. However, this is the second one, and the original is kinda insane in the membrane, and slowly there's a confrontation.

This isn't subtle. It's not even trying to be. It might have wanted to be, but it's nowhere near it. There's "show don't tell", and here we have a case of "don't show or tell but have several people just rant continuously about it".

The main actor is Jeremy Childs... who doesn't seem to know how to position himself and his posture in any scene he's in. And I'm not sure what the motivations were for most of the other actors either. The only really believable actor was the baby. (I was surprised by the amount of actual baby in this low budget movie, given the restrictions around filming them.)

There are a few Franky movies around at the moment, and this doesn't even have the Asylum backing it. I'm guessing you didn't know about this movie before this post, and continue in that ignorance.


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