Sunday, 20 March 2016

London Falling

Cynical me thinks they wanted an American F**K Yeah movie, but didn't want to blow up American landmarks for a change, so moved it to London (being a place that some Americans might actually have heard of.)

Mike is about to retire from bodyguarding the President when the President is called over to the funeral of the British leader. As other leaders are brought in as well, there's a boom and lots of leaders are killed. But who cares, because they aren't American. (In fact, from what's presented, the President is the only leader who survives... which is great, and he is the only leader that the bad guys are really after.) So begins running around London until the big finale can happen.

Wait... I completely failed to realise this is a sequel to the previous Fallen movie. There was no reference to it that I saw, and aside from scope change, this could have been that exact movie over again... as it was.

Huh. That just surprised me...

Still not a good movie.


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