Thursday, 24 March 2016

Deerdevel Season 2.2.2

Here we are after all the episodes, and as I think back, one word eventually swims into mind: cameo.

This is very much two stories set out over 13 episodes, each only half a series each. The two stories do intermingle a little, but not really. You could say, and I do, that each story cameo'd in the other story. And that's what it felt like.

Like with the characters. "Hey, remember this character from previous? Here's a scene with them in it, ain't they cool!" Exactly inserted as fan service, not because the story needed it.

Which makes this rather depressing. I have to ask if we needed this season? Was there a story they were burning to tell? Being a set of 13 episodes at once, they can't get away with needing to fill out a series like other shows do, with a different story per episode. They indeed this to be a cohesive set, told all at once.

And I will give that the time did pass well. I got caught up and didn't watch the clock, and was then taken off guard whenever the episode ended. However, I could then just 'pop in' the next episode straight away, so the episode ending cliff-hanger moments felt more like act breaks for ads than momentous game changing revelations.

We still have more season ones to go for other characters, but is this what the second, and subsequent, series will be like for them? Hopefully not, but I'm not filled with confidence.


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