Friday, 25 March 2016

Fifth Star Cops

It has started. In this episode we have a writer that isn't Chris Boucher, and we also have our 'pick a random culture and present the stereotypes' basis for stories. Although many people consider the next story worse.

Last time the Americans did something stupid and lead to a case... this time it's the Italians turn. After a rocket falls over instead of launching, the Italians are quickly trying to lead the Star Cops astray. Which seems to include getting a woman to basically proposition Spring and get him to Rome where someone else can attempt to assassinate him and then the local police try to set him up. However, that doesn't work, and instead an off-hand comment by Spring basically solves everything.

There is an attempt at an arc here as Theroux is scared of radiation, given that is how his dad dies, and goes as far to refuse to help. Although he then turns up later, because what's the point of saying 'I have this fear' if you don't try to conquer it by the end of the episode?

However, otherwise, expect standard Italian accents as that's what we get. For me, this is the lowest story of the set, with a really long sequence in Italy in the middle of the episode, and then it just doesn't go anywhere.

Hey ho, on to the rest of the season...


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