Friday, 18 March 2016

Fourth Star Cops

And this is the last people we need for the main corp as Chris Boucher sees it. A British older cop in charge, a black American second, another British plod, a best Australian female cop, and a Russian heading up the base. And it won't last very long.

This is the story in which the Americans do something rather intelligent... but then proceed to be very stupid and try to cover it up, and do so really badly. The American station is the Ronald Reagan space station, and the chap in charge likes to chomp on a cigar. Stereotype? No more so than everyone else. (And there is far worse to come!) This also features the Changling actor from SnS, although if he ever has a name here, I never pick up on it.

The station is well thought out by Boucher, with a central section that is zero gravity, and a swinging arm (with ballast) that provides some gravity (although again everyone walks around like it's normal). Modules can be rented out by people wanting to try space science, an idea that should be seen more, but mostly it's 'our stuff or no-ones' in other shows.

This is a simple story, and it's told well. The big stupid plot point of the American is the only thing that really brings it down, but it works well up to there.


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