Saturday, 19 March 2016

Roocky Creeed

Since I finished the last series, before I hit the next one, I'll cycle back to pick up a new entry, namely the latest boxing movie.

Adonis is a boxer with something to prove, and is willing to take on fights for anything. He finally scores a trainer and gets a bit name match because of his name, and finally has a big fight to prove anything.

Okay, that's a little simplistic, but it does feel like these movies are recycling the same plots over and again, and this is the first movie once more. Okay, it does have the lovable doof Rocky being a lovable doof, and everyone else is really nice, but there's nothing to really distinguish this out from any other 'need to prove myself' movie.

To be honest, the best parts of this movie is the scenes not with fighting. The relationship between Adonis and Bianca is sweet (and reminded me of Rocky and Adrian), and Rocky gets a few good scenes about his life.

I'm not saying this movie had to happen, but there are a few moments that are very watchable.


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