Thursday, 3 March 2016


Another DC comic series... that seems to have even less to do with the comic from what people said.

Lucifer retired from Hell and is now on Earth. He gets caught up with a female detective and joins her on case... so this is basically "supernatural creature / human cop" drama that already has multiple entries...

Now they have the whole canon of Lucifer to play with, and there's the comic series that inspired this... but what we get is the "case of the week", with slight hints of an overarching plot, which is basically "does anyone believe he's the devil?" Oh, and another angel wants him to take up his position in hell again.

I want to like this more, but... it is just "case of the week", and I need more than that in my detective series. Something happened in the latest episode that makes me want to watch the next one, but it better be good, otherwise I'm so close to just dropping it.

And because this occurred to me:


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