Friday, 4 March 2016

Second Star Cops

And this is the episode that explains the opening theme song.

We start with two people dead. By which we mean they are in a space ship, it's gone off course, and they can't correct so... basically, they are dead with no help. Meanwhile, on Earth, Spring's friend Lee Jones gets killed. Spring gets involved in that while Theroux sorts out the space ship problem. Aside from a minor theme, the two crimes aren't connected, but the Earth crime ends up in space with political ramifications.

It's surprising just how big Chris Boucher tries to go. We have British spies playing silly buggers and going into space, and the Star Cops tackle anyone in authority... and yet, in both cases, the authority is still around afterwards. While they are solving cases, they can't really be said to be winning.

And Lee Jones, a major character in the first episode, gets killed off in the first few minutes. I hope the actress knew she was only going to be in a few scenes and that's it. But her death is what speaks to the opening theme. "It won't be easy without you" indeed.

And we are still setting things up. We get Davis joining, and the setting up of the Moon base (so they won't need as many wires) and still more to come.

It's a slow paced, yet thrilling series.


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