Monday, 14 March 2016

Rebel Heart

Woo! Basically... Madonna performed live in front of me! Woo!

We started with a video leading in for Iconic, and then she descended in a cage. Bam! And from there we were off. Okay, I admit, I was signing along with all the songs, but everything was so loud I doubt I annoyed anyone. (And if I did... well, that's what happened.)

During the set, Madonna sometimes disappeared from the stage, which surprised some, but that's what she does in her concerts now. Possibly to get a breather, but definitely to change costumes. And there were a lot of costumes in this, and very frequent changes. She puts on a good show!

She did about half the songs from Rebel Heart (with a few of them being videos for other dancers while she changed) and some older songs. Including a recreation of Material Girl that brought back the video, and used the rather extensive stage set up. (One part of the stage could rise to 45 degrees!)

If I was doing this again, I would go for a fan package for one night, and just go for a normal ticket the other night. If she returns, I'm definitely keen. (I always thought I would have to go to Australia, but no, after 32 years, she came here!)

Some photos, with varying quality, are available here. Some people don't like her... but I enjoyed this, and that's all that matters.


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