Sunday, 13 March 2016

Nearing Maddy

So, I went to Auckland for a reason... because that's there the Madonna concert was!

I got myself a rather expensive fan package ticket. Which was really confusing when I was supposed to pick the ticket up, basically when the concert opened, not before, because I was getting a gift with it. I think I was supposed to have other stuff as well, but never saw any of that.

The gift itself was a commemorative book about her world tours, with lots of glossy photos of all her tours from the start up to and including Rebel Heart. There are other bits and pieces in there too, including some guitar picks. Looks very nice.

The show itself supposedly started at 8pm, so I was sure to be in my seat by then. I wasn't on the floor with the stage (which meant that everyone sitting there was standing the entire time), but instead of the first row of the tiered seats. So no-one in front of me, and I was about halfway up the catwalk stage.

Here's a photo without any zoom on.

At 8 there was indeed something. Now while I don't have anything against her as a DJ, I came here for Madonna, not DJ Yellow Sleep Mask. She did play a nice set, and even put on Poi-E at one point, but, come on!

She finished at 9, and so Madonna... right? Well, no. Time went past until finally, at 10pm, the show started!


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