Friday, 11 March 2016

Third Star Cops

So now they are getting set up, with a base on the moon so they don't have to worry about gravity issues... nor worry about the fact that it is supposed to be 1/6 gravity, that's too hard, let's just pretend it's full gravity and have people walking around normally.

This episode does tackle the issue of surveillance, with a group on the moon able to survey the entire communication range and have computers sort out what's useful. They discover a threat to a plane and uncover the truth behind a computer virus attack. The plane enables a corrupt cop to keep her job, and the virus allows the perpetrators to cover their own tracks.

One element I like in this episode is a little touch that comes back. They have a gun that can target a particular pigmentation of skin... to which Theroux sighs "At last they've invented a racist gun."

The aspect of surveillance is one that comes up time and again, and even more recently... and this is back in 1987. This does, however, lead to an "exciting" sequence where Spring has to slowly escape out a garage. And other effects include a really dodgy moment of Kenzie catching a glass ball, and grinning into the camera the entire time. Kenzie is interesting in that she's the corrupt cop but gets one over on Spring, something that wouldn't happen in other shows.

This isn't a standard series, and would still stick out even today.


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