Saturday, 12 March 2016

Never Sleep on Elm Street

To finish off the current available range of Freddy/Jason movies, I saw a documentary about Freddy movies. All the Freddy movies (except the last one). It's four hours.

This spends time with each movie, talking to the writers and producers, and a lot of the cast. Everyone is largely positive about their experience. While there is tension at times on the set, it was there but didn't have a lot of impact on them. Some movies, we find, were better supported than others, and Wes likes some more than others. (Hint: he likes the ones he wrote that weren't changed too much.)

There is a lot of detail here. As well as the movies, they touch on the TV series, which I haven't even heard of (and don't intend to watch).

It's a full on documentary, and is worth watching. But much sure you have plenty of time set aside.


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