Sunday, 6 March 2016

Unman Naturaleater

Enough of these weird killer shark movies (although there are still plenty of those), let’s try a killer polar bear movie! (Or it might be a weird wolf? The CGI is really hard to work out what it’s supposed to be.)

Up North, there is an Evil Corporation(tm) that is modifying animals, which they do to a polar bear which escapes killing all but one evil scientist. Meanwhile, there is a vapid photoshoot happening in a nearby chateau, and slowly they start getting picked off in ways that drag out the annoying people to such an extreme you don’t care if they get killed, you just want it to be over. And then it’s finally over.

The star list here is James Remar, Graham Greene, Ray Wise and another Twin Peaks actor Sherilyn Fenn. Are these people thinking their careers are over, or just don’t care any more? Certainly I can’t imagine they thought this was a great script. And, as mentioned, the creature is just stupidly produced. I think there might have been a suit/puppet at some point, but it just looks worse then.

I need to watch better movies.


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