Saturday, 5 March 2016

Nightmare on 9th Street

Although this should be 1st street again, as this is a reboot. And by reboot, we mean retread of the first movie.

Teens are falling asleep and dying, and it turns out there's a supernatural horror the parents are aware of. The teens finally work out Fred is involved, and also find out that he was a child rapist that died. Oh, and they were responsible.

That's the big twist they are trying for this movie. The kids were responsible... or are they? Twist or double-twist? Or just the movie going "bad people are bad". Aside from that... there is nothing to this movie.

This repeats various scenes from the first movie, but doesn't get the point of the movie. It was about how Fred impacts the community with these killings, but in this movie... it's just people going to sleep and being killed.

And speaking of Fred, what the hell is wrong with that mask? It's like the latex is hardened and the actor is barely able to move his lips. Just looks stupid.

Not a good reboot, or even a good movie.


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