Friday, 29 April 2016

Cul de Sac, The 1

This is a new sci-fi series from New Zealand. There seems to be one around once every five years, so this is the one. If you can get to TVNZ On Demand, you can check it out.

We start with some kids waking up, not being woken up by alarms, and with parents missing. And if I didn't know the premise, I might not have put it together that ALL adults are missing, and no electricity is working, because they don't make that that clear (as opposed to just a dead battery or black out). The kids head to school where older kids are running things, and some of them take shelter as an electrical storm hits and ker-zapp people outside.

Yeah... I didn't completely buy this. As I point out, they don't present the premise very well. Do their watches still work? And none of the kids have iPods or cellphones? They don't seem to, which is incredibly unusual. And just what makes a kid an adult, as the two at the school are rather elderly for kids.

So, basically, I'm saying this isn't that great. It feels like it was very cheaply made, and the special effects look like they were just knocked out by someone in their garage. There have been much better NZ productions than this in the past. The acting isn't terrible, but the script and the set up doesn't help.

I will keep watching, because this is NZ, so expect more episode coverings. There are six episodes in this set... and the coming up segment seems to give away everything that's going on.


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