Saturday, 30 April 2016

Starring 6th Trek

It's the last of the old style series, and while I do intend to rewatch the revamped blu-ray series of TNG, and this would be the point where I do that, but I'm not going to.

Kirk faces his Klingon issues head on as he is called in to escort the ambassador for peace talks. However, as this is a movie, it goes south and he is taken prisoner and the Enterprise must find out who is really responsible. Kirk does manage to jail-break and leads the charge to the final battle to save the day from people like him.

This is great, lots of drama and great performances... outside of the Rua Penthe sequence. Which is complete rubbish. The movie tries for comedy again, and this hasn't never been my favourite moments of these movies. It just awkward and force for the most parts, although, as said before, these will largely be the parts that get quoted.

One other aspect of this I noticed was how... analog the Enterprise control systems are. Switches, and sliders, that's not going to give a lot of fine control. You can see why they went for touch pads in TNG, although they remain sliders (just digital ones). And speaking of small moments, why is Valeris pleased when they find the boot? She's supposedly the cool logical type.

Anyway, good movie, but could be shorter.


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