Saturday, 2 April 2016

Starring 2nd Trek

This is sort of where the movies really kick out into their own. With one small problem...

Khan's character is really pointless. He was in one episode of the series, and he's the one they decided to bring back? To do what? Get a star ship and get into a battle? Really, anyone could have done that. All they've really got going for them is Ricardo Montalban quoting Shakespeare. But that means the best lines are ones written centuries ago. When we quote along with him, we're all just quoting the Bard. So what's new with him then?

Again the best parts of this are the character beats. Kirk and McCoy get some great one liners off each other. And, of course, we have the moment of Kirk and Spock that many series referenced, parodied, and some that completely fail to get the point of it. And does anyone notice that the movie is basically over around the 3/4 mark, with the last section being the death and firing of Spock.

While more of a worthy movie than the previous one, let's not get carried away exaggerating it.


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