Sunday, 3 April 2016


Remember the late 90s, when we had Batman and Robin and Batgirl and Freeze? Yep, that's right, I saw the animated movie.

Due to a stupid sub in the Arctic, Nora Fries's statis pod is damaged, making Freeze take out the crew and go to Gotham... for no reason other than that's where these stories take place. Barbara Gordon happens to be compatible with Nora, so Freeze kidnaps her, then it is up to Batman and Robin to get her back. By which, we mean turn up to help her finish dealing with Freeze, because she's Batgirl and isn't taking being kidnapped lying down.

At an hour, this is the tighter story than other movies I could mention, but it does feel a lot like any typical episode of the Batman animated series (which I need to get around to watching). Freeze turns up, causes problems, and is dealt with and wrapped up nicely without actually ending the possibility of him coming back. The status quo is thankfully preserved. Which means this doesn't really feel like it goes anywhere substantial and thus worthy of taking note.

That said, this Freeze is clearly superior to one quipping one-liners. But on the whole this feels rather lite-weight.


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