Thursday, 14 April 2016

The Birth of Sake

It's a documentary about sake... that I Kickstartered!

Sake takes six months to make, from the preparing the rice, to keeping track of the fermentation, to squeezing out the sake. Due to the time pressures, the workers stay together for that time, away from family and home. We follow them over the months, with occasional shots into some of their home lives. We see the hardship they have to go through... and the sake they get to drink.

There are a few main people we end up following as well as the process. The Toji is the brewmaster, and is not the president. But the president's son is lined up to be the president, the brewmaster, and also goes around during the other six months and promote the sake business.

I quite like this, and am very glad I backed it.

Check it out on their website.


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