Friday, 15 April 2016

Eighth Star Cops

This feels more like a bottle episode than the rest of the episodes. There's no interesting sets off the main moon base, and while there never has been a lot of other cast members, this feels smaller than ever.

It's on the moon base, and things are going wrong mechanically. The main engineer is rather annoyed with everyone, and is he the cause? A psychiatrist is brought in, although the Cops aren't that all interested in taking part. Then the real perpetrator fumbles and causes a full on disaster, leading various people to be trapped and forced to relate backstory before everything is cleared up nicely.

This, to me, is the weakest episode of the set. It just feels like nothing is happening (largely because nothing does happen a lot) and just time is passing to make up an episode length. There are some character moments, but since nothing comes of it, it's not worth paying attention to it.

Admittedly, this does have Maggie Ollerenshaw and Geoffrey Bayldon, with the latter giving a good performance.

One episode left.


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