Friday, 13 May 2016

Cul de Sac, The 3

Halfway through, and I'm wondering if there's a point to any of this?

This time some of the kids were taken and end up in a pit with the creatures... from which they escape, with not a lot of trouble it has to be said. And the other kids barricade the house and set up lights. And that's about it.

Despite what I said about the series rushing, it is also hanging around a lot not doing much. In this episode, for example, all that happens is as I described. There wasn't character development, nor plot development. In fact, I would almost say there was negative plot development because I really don't understand how the batteries work at all.

Oh, and despite there being no lights, there seems to be plenty of light all over the place for us to see the characters when they are inside. But then there are also weird editing choices that just seem to trim scenes whether they need them or not, so I'm not thrilled with the production of this.

And at the end of this episode, we get a huge twist... that comes as no surprise at all. Yay?


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