Saturday, 14 May 2016

Starring 8th Trek

After the talking of the last movie, this one is action, Action! ACTION!!!

The Borg are back and get a Queen because the movie needs someone to speak for them rather than the bodyless voice, and she's always been there... ALWAYS BEEN THERE! We also have some time travel, because we haven't had that for four movies, but this is far easier than back then, and makes you wonder why they aren't popping all over time all over the place. Never mind the anti-time squad of later, the Borg go after us, let's go after their origins! Anyway, there's also Zefram Cochran, who gets to be the comedy of the episode...

And, as I've continually said throughout this rewatch, the comedy are not the strong moments of the series. Indeed, the best parts of the comedy are when James Cromwell is being serious about how he isn't the Hero Zefram. We also get some great scenes with Patrick Stewart giving fine performances, although he does turn on a dime between Kill The Borg and Run Away, thanks to Lily, who is brilliantly played by Alfre Woodard. Brent Spiner does a nice line in fake orgasming.

That all said... I like the action set pieces, although let's not deny they are set-pieces. That bit with the deflector dish could have been cut without impact (aside from losing Damian Dark). And having Riker and LaForge on the flight shows that anyone could have done that bit.

It's a nice bit of action, but there's nothing really lasting here.


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