Sunday, 15 May 2016

Really Big Spider, Really Big

Another movie with two titles, but they are similar, and both express an overly large arachnid.

In just 12 hours, a spider (definitely singular) infested body is brought to a hospital morgue, where the spider escapes into hospital and feasts. And gets bigger. Fortunately there's a pest exterminator handily around, and unfortunately there's a military presence. And there's also a comedy Mexican security guard who is not treated racistly at all... The spider gets even bigger, rampages downtown, and then sort of turns into King Kong, until they Evolution it...

A few names of note here, Greg Grunberg, Clare Kramer, Ray Wise... (and a cameo by Lloyd Kaufman) and surprisingly, the CGI isn't that bad. It obviously is CGI, but well rendered enough that I'm not complaining about it. The comedy also isn't terrible (aside from the Mexican riffs) which is a big change. While the plot is basic, it could be a lot worse.

A nice diversion, and a good example of a low budget yet watchable film.


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