Saturday, 21 May 2016

Starring 9th Trek

Last movie was all action, so let's have all talking! Uh...

On a planet somewhere, there's a nice village with technological avoiding people, and the Enterprise crew turn up and talk to them. Then they talk to the evil people trying to take over the place. Then they talk to the planet people again. Then they run. There's more talking. And finally some action, but it feels really limp.

Usually I've been a fan of non-comedy moments. And of Patrick Stewart's and Brent Spiner's performances. But this... no, it just doesn't work. It's like they wanted to refresh the characters (and did so by magically making them younger in spirit), but did so in a cack-handed manner.

So, what did I like then? There's something good... but no, after watching this, nothing is coming to mind. Either flat or try-hard, I've got nothing.

Just skip it, really.


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