Monday, 23 May 2016

The Plan

Another free game, this one from Krillbite Studio, who created Among the Sleep.

You are a fly, and you fly... and that's really about it. You go up, and the view pulls back as you fly through nature and encounter winds and... there really isn't much else aside from one major obstacle. And then you reach the end.

It is short, and the controls are basic, and the gameplay is basicer. In that regards, one may bring back the idea of what makes a game, but there is a point in that this makes you consider the viewpoint and life of the fly. And what happens at the end. But I doubt many people will really consider it a lot. (Aside from the one person on steam who spent over 48 hours on it! And I'm sure just didn't leave it open while they did something else at all.) One big nitpick: the sound gets REALLY LOUD!!!

This games gets a one off smile, and then it's done.


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