Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Good of Ghostlight Lane

Been a while since I dealt with a ghost movie. Even longer with a good one, which this one isn't.

A house had someone die or was killed or became possessed by a demon or... whatever. Now, it's a video production house in which the ghost is just treated as something that's there and has to be dealt with. Until it finally ramps up to killing people, but even then is treated more as an annoyance than anything else. And so when we get to the end it’s hard to believe that any of the actors are taking it seriously, although the movie is pretending they are, that it fails in many ways. And the final post scene is just ridiculous and stupid.

The main ghost effect is changing someone's eyes, which makes it look like bad make up. Oooh, scary. And yet this movie managed to get Lacey Chabert and Billy Zane (who just does not care). The copy I watched had audio problems, so that didn’t help.

Not sure why anyone bothered with this movie.


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