Thursday, 9 June 2016


Someone found a creature in the woods... scared yet?

A psychiatrist drags his daughter along to check on a patient, who's gone full blown psycho and has locked up a creature in his basement, sure the government (or aliens or whatever) is monitoring him. This is apparently so fascinating a set up that we get endless scene of endless scene of the three of them talking in various combinations that just go on and on. Eventually they get to the creature, think basically a guy in a grey alien suit that's wrinkled like they spent too much time in the bath, and then it ends. It is rather abrupt, and the final shot just confused me as to what was going on and who's POV that was supposed to be.

This is very weirdly directed. The director has very definite ideas about how shots should be composed and how the actors and camera should move, and that some shots should be static and others are POV and... it's hard to tell what any scene is trying to tell us about the
characters (which are unlikable, of course) or even the story in general. I'm guessing about most of the plot because it just irritated me to pay attention to it.

I'm sure even student scripts are better than this.


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