Monday, 6 June 2016

Munny Munster

It's the real time movie of... the movies that I saw the other day!

A company's stock goes tits up, and one shareholder blames the sleezy guy that offers stock tips and takes him hostage live on tv (well, cable). And so sleezy guy and his producer must get to the bottom of what really happened to the stock while getting the guy from shooting everyone.

I didn't buy George Clooney as the sleezy stock tip guy. It's not until around half-way through the movie that he gets some decent acting in, but I can't help feeling that he and Julia Roberts are in this movie because it was an easy job without requiring much effort from them (and they didn't put much in).

And the big shocking point that drives this movie is that a company lost $800 million dollars. Considering we are not quite ten years away from the mortgage crash where people lost $700 BILLION dollars, it felt hard to take this quite as seriously.

Good enough, but nothing surprising happens.


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