Sunday, 5 June 2016

The Nece Geys

I liked Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang, and this looked amusing enough, so let's go for Shane Black's next.

A thug teams up with a private dick to find a missing person. And along the way they uncover a conspiracy that could bring down major businesses. I'm guessing you can imagine what happens, but that's the point Shane is going for.

Anyway, yes it is amusing, but more in a quiet chuckle kind of way. This feels tamer than KKBB, and while it's all right, it doesn't really feel like it has the personal impact of that movie. (As far as I remember, I haven't seen KKBB since it was released.)

Ryan Gosling isn't terrible doing comedy, but I have to say that Russell Crowe is just one sandwich away from being John Goodman. Angourie Rice is attempting to be a shocking young girl (think Hit Girl), but it feels more like 'attempting' than 'succeeding'. Keith David is, of course, wonderful to watch and the other big name, Kim Bassinger, is sometimes on screen.

It's all right, but not blowing me away.


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