Saturday, 11 June 2016

Phantatasm II

It's the sequel that's... largely the same as the first, to be honest.

Mike and Reggie are back, following on from the previous movie (so much so they resolve the cliffhanger from the previous movie). However, three years later, Mike is having dreams of Liz. But, hey, she's having dreams of him. And she's dealing with her dying relatives. Which just so happens to be in a mortuary where there's the Tall Man going around digging up bodies and turning them into dwarves. Fortunately, many home made weapons are now available.

And remember those ball things from the first movie? They are back and wackier than ever! Which largely summarises this movie, in that it is just more of the same. Even the new element, Liz, is just someone else to get caught up in the same events over again. And nothing much of import happens.

This is billed as horror, but I'm getting nothing from this. There are some elements that are common to horror movies, but they just feel like they are on screen rather than horrifying itself. Meh. And yes, I noticed the reference to Sam Raimi.

Two more movies, and will this improve for me?


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