Friday, 10 June 2016

Moonbase 3.1

It's the Letts-Dicks production they left Doctor Who for! It's a realistic drama set on the moon.

In the opening episode, we have the death of the current director, and the introduction of his replacement David Caulder. He comes in and investigates the situation, and seems a lovely chap... until he reveals himself to be a complete bastard to get those in charge to shape up!

We also get a small montage of him talking to other personnel at the base, which I'm sure is meaningless talk with extras, and not seeding future episodes at all...

This is realistic in that we get (model) spaceships taking off and landing, and people being in spacesuits to go outside. And yet the gravity is earth normal, and the scenery is shakier than a Doctor Who set. And, to be honest, there is some awful camera work that they should know better about.

Aside from David, we get Tom, Helen and Michel, and get pretty good indications of their (admittedly not complication) characterisation. And we also get where I learnt the phrase "Not my pigeon." This proved popular at my old work.

Enjoyable, but I can notice more flaws now.


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