Saturday, 25 June 2016

Phantatasm IV

And so we get this finale... uh...

We do get a sort of explanation for the Tall Man... but we also get people driving across the desert. A lot of people driving across the desert. Over the half the movie is people driving or walking amongst rocks. In other words, there is a whole of nothing happening for a long time. And what does happen... doesn't really explain anything. Or make a lot of sense. Or give any real sense of conclusion. So... huh?

This is what it was building up to, but there's a lot of building up with lots of random scenes, and there isn't really a payoff to speak of. So this is what we wanted? There was nominally another movie "Phantasm's End" which didn't happen, which might be what's intended to finish this off, but that didn't happen, so this just falls flat.

That said, I do want to say there are flashback sequences where we have the young version of the actors. Or at least it seems so. I'm not sure if they just put a large wig on Mike or got a lookalike or had leftover footage, but it matches the footage of over ten years ago very well.

One aspect of this series is how personal it is regarding Reggie and Mike and co, which isn't apparent in the earlier movies. If that was made more obvious (assume Don knew) then I think this series would work better, but since it isn't...

I know of people who like this series, but it takes too long to grow on me.


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