Friday, 24 June 2016

Moonbase 3.3

It's the personal conflict episode.

Stress in a confined space is always a good source for drama, and it's no different here. In particular, there's one agitator, Adam, who casually talks to people and puts them on edge. It's not clear if this is deliberate, or unconscious, him acting this way. Which makes it all the better, because you can't point to him and say 'he's behind it all', so there's no clear villain of the piece. They do give a nice pat explanation at the end, because they have to, but no-one is on or off the hook.

It's that vaguery I like about this series. People are pushed to limits on the moon, and break in odd ways, and that's what makes the episodes. This is more character based than previous episodes, and the usual episode has some tech stuff. There is a bit here, but it's definitely background to this episode (and I was never really sure what the tech stuff was all about).

This series is hard to find these days, but I recommend it.


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