Saturday, 18 June 2016

Phatatasm III

It's more of a sequel than the previous sequel.

It's the original team of the first movie as we get the original actors back with Reggie, Mike and Jody. And we bring in Tim, a kid. By which, we spend half the movie bringing in Tim and barely having anything to do with the rest of the series. But then the second half of the movie is all about the group of them fighting the Tall Man, and barely getting anywhere. And finally we get to the end, which feels like such a set up for the next movie I'm surprised it took four years to get it.

This actually moves the story along. It doesn't quite get to the original of the Tall Man, but it does bring up some elements, as well as extending the possibilities of the balls as more than just having new gadgets inside.

Basically... now I will admit the series is getting interesting, but it took a while to get there and it still has issues with irrelevant scenes. But now I'm actually looking forward to the last movie.


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