Thursday, 23 June 2016

Puzzler World 2

And from the last game straight on to the second, Puzzler World 2.

This is largely a repeat of the same gameplay. Some puzzles are the same, some are different. This is a lot more mouse driven that the previous game, with Fitwords being drag-n-drop the word, rather than having to type it in.

This is slightly better than last time in getting from one puzzle to the next. Rewards are only after the second smaller puzzle, and is a wheel spin. I'm sure that I could learn how to give it enough spin to get exactly what I want each time, but I'm not there yet.

There are a whole lot of in-game trophies to get. I've got all the Steam Achievements, but still many trophies to go. And with the wheel spin, there's a random element to whether or not I'll get them in all in time.

And after the normal lot of 560 puzzles, there are some Master Modes ones to also play so... many many puzzles ahead. And I kept playing because there's so much audio I'm listening to.


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