Saturday, 9 July 2016

Caddyschlock II

Considering how much I didn't like the original... it's impressive that the sequel is indeed worse.

The place is full of upper class twits, and one boy is dating a more lower class girl (with higher aspirations). As it happens, her father is very rich, but doesn't go around being poncy about it, and is asked to join the club for her. Bam, we get a clash of views, and much hilarity ensues.

Only none of it is funny. It feels like they wanted Rodney Dangerfield back, but got Jackie Mason instead. There's Randy Quaid, and he's always a marker of a quality movie. Robert Stack gives a decent performance. Dan Aykroyd doesn't. And Chevy Chase cameos as a stupid version of himself.

This feels like "the first worked so well, clearly another one would work"... and then completely fails to do that.

While I still don't like the original, I will take that over this.


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