Friday, 8 July 2016

Moonbase 3.5

It's the classic episode of a trying to retrieve a lost sailor.

Tom Hill goes out to fix a satellite, but an accident happens and he hits the satellite and goes spinning off into space, lost forever... The Moonbase crew isn't going to let him go, and arranges a shuttle, however they need to get a pilot. Fortunately Tom's friend is around, unfortunately he's under command of the Russians. The Russian commander isn't interested in letting him go, and the second in command on Moonbase 3 is against the rescue as well. Will Tom ever be saved?

This shows what can be done with limited sets and a small cast, and yet creating high tension. Will they try to save Tom? Will they get a pilot to save him? Will the pilot be able to get there in time? This is all played as dramatic beats with ups and downs, and... do you need big action pieces? No, now when you've got good character moments. And considering that a lot of this episode is reciting of numbers as if any of them matters, we need something else to focus on (so dodgy dialogue instead of dodgy effects).

So yes, it is a good episode, but a great episode is to come.


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